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CCm-logo.jpg Central Control & Management System

Intelligent way to improve your productivity with built-in Lean Six Sigma Methodology and EBIT contribution metrics.
What are my options to maximize productivity?

With CCm you are able to:

  1. Set up central installation of application used on every local site independently and securely saving huge investment money covering 5 business functional areas:
    a. Production
    b. Sourcing
    c. Stock And Logistics
    d. Asset and customer service/product maintenance
    e. Investment management
  2. Leave a sufficient level of local business flexibility to keep employee loyalty and innovation capability
  3. Set up Central performance and financial control system monitoring each remote site independently
  4. Set up Generic and Central business rule and policy placing ensuring corporate compliance

With CCm you can: 

  1. Save IT Capex for production investments,
  2. Improve productivity removing process waste,
  3. Significantly reduce administration cost,
  4. Align market demands with production capability delivery,
  5. Establish multiple stock management and improve turnover on enterprise level
  6. Implement corrections locally and independently without disturbing other affiliates

About CCmCCm-krug.jpg

CCm modules cover 5 business functional area processes: 

  1. Sourcing,
  2. Stock & Logistics Management
  3. Production Management,
  4. Maintenance,
  5. Investments
CCm™ S _ Dynamic Sourcing - Automate and accelerate tender preparation, publishing, offer evaluation and contracting regardless of tendering model. Simplify and reduces sourcing administration over 2 times. Supports configurable tendering rules and policies with built in high security standards.
CCm™ l _ Dynamic Stock & Logistics - Automate and accelerate material and product handling processes, optimize stock and improves material and product turnover. Serial number tracking feature, bar code and RF ID capability with many additional attributes improves quality of material and Vendor management. Multiple hierarchically structured warehouses enable configurable level of details to be implemented. Incorporated remnants, scrap and waste management complies with ISO1400. 
CCm™ P _ Dynamic Production - Improves production planning and realization process by production scheduling management, automation and real time quality metrics. Built in Lean Six Sigma reporting enables continuous process and productivity improvement. Integrated with CCm l and CCm M enables Lean process alignment across entire value chain. Production quality assurance is supported by various built in technical, performance and financial metrics, real time statistics that dynamically improves competitiveness.
CCm™ M _ Dynamic Maintenance - Synchronize, schedule and optimize maintenance activities with production demands and customer satisfaction rates. Continous asset and production service monitoring reduces unexpected faults and downtime, ensures productivity improvement and cost reduction. Aligned with production requirements significantly reduce process waste, improves productivity and ensures quaity.
CCm™ i _ Dynamic Investments - Controls investment expenditures, manages asset under construction and improves asset activation. Supports investment process from Business Case until asset activation. Reduces administration ensures quality and controls financial realization. Maximize efficiency of your investments.

How does it work?

On different remote sites using CCm you are able to implement the same ‘Business Service Catalogue’ with local service, material and asset attributes, prices, contracts and policies.

These variations are analyzed automatically using CCm Built In Lean Six Sigma methodology identifying waste, performance defects and financial defects for each remote site independently.

Using Benchmarking method CCm automatically compares different remote sites and identifies Root Cause of variations for the same Business Service.

Thus you may centrally monitor remote performance and support local employees and managers for improvement.


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