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eVision to present Central Control and Management CCm™ on PharmaTalk

PharmaTalk is the leading European Pharmaceutical Manufacturing conference, Berlin, 3. - 4. June 2013, where great minds meet under one roof.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing partners, R&D companies and big pharma companies with more medical investors than any other European partnering conference. Pharmaceutical companies across Europe (or the world) will gather together to discuss challenges and solutions from experiences and showcase the leading cutting edge and innovative technologies across the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing platform.

eVision will present Central Control and Management CCm™ that might help you on your global business consolidation. CCM Dynamic Sourcing helps to setup common corporate sourcing rules and policies. CCm Dynamic Stock & Logistics helps to manage local and entire enterprise stock effectively. CCm Dynamic Production system Lean production removing administration and aligns other processes to support production on optimally.  CCm Dynamic Maintenance ensures maximal asset capability delivery and productivity. If demands becomes higher then production capacity CCm Dynamic Investment is able to recognize such situation and manage investment cycle until asset activation.

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