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Zvonimir Mavretić is selected to join to K2 Insiders

K2 Insiders are a small group of 10 or so hand picked people world-wide that are recognised as absolute experts in K2 technology and the BPM industry as a whole.
Zvonimir-Mavretic.jpgK2 Insiders are leaders in the global K2 community. They are K2 advocates, eager to share their expertise and committed to enhancing the K2 community efforts as a whole.
K2 Insiders tend to seek out new technology and actively communicate their experiences and thoughts to others. Through their various K2 community activities, they strive to help others solve problems, discover new capabilities and get more value from their K2 deployments.
This program recognizes those who stand out as strong supports of K2, the BPM and workflow ecosystem, and the power that these elements can bring to an organization.
Find out more about K2.
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