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5 simple ways to speed up work on documents

Working with documents is crucial in today's business. For tenders, suggestions, explanations, analysis – we use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and similar tools.

However, nobody works by themself. There's always someone who we have to send these documents to. It's common that a lot of people are working on one document simultaneously. If we put working on the global market, in a big system or on the go, collaboration becomes increasingly challenging.

The challenge is clear - How do I work faster?

Read on because we'll point out 5 simple ways of speeding up work on documents using Office 365, a tool that's present at any device at any moment:

1) Create documents easily

Example: You got a Word document from an external associate and you want to edit it and share it with your colleagues.

Is the document on your computer? Simply pull it from your desktop and onto the browser. That's it – your document is online!

Want to create a new document? Simply click a button to create a new document within Office 365 and start working.

2) Review fast and edit directly

Example: You're editing a tender for a large client and you’re creating small changes in the document, occasionally on the move.

You don’t have to open up a document in Office 365 every time to see its content. 

With a single click, you open up a reduced display of the document and, if you need to make changes, you can do it directly in this display.

If it’s necessary, you can open the document and make any changes directly in the browser. You don’t have to download the latest version of the document, open it in Word, edit, save and send back to Office 365. Everything is done automatically and the rest of the team instantly sees your document.

Still working on a computer? You can edit documents on a smarphone, as well as on a laptop, PC or a MAC.

3) Collaborate and share documents

Example: You’re working on a tender which can be edited by management, finance and your assistant.

Internet is making business faster than ever. Also, collaboration has never been easier.

You can invite your colleagues to documents and they can edit the document directly, like you.

All you have to do is invite your team members to the document via e-mail. Everyone can simultaneously edit any content.

4) Work with various versions

Example: More employees were editing a tender. Accidentally, one team member deleted an important point. If the document is already saved, you can simply take a look at a previous version and bring the point back.

Sending e-mails and looking at various versions of documents is hard work.

That endless game of tennis can fill up your inbox with hundreds of e-mails. It’s difficult to find what you’re looking for. If we take into account that more people are working simultaneously, there’s a case of multiple versions that should be connected somehow.

Luckily, all collaborative work in Office 365 is automatically saved and every “save” is considered as a unique version of the document. In that way, you can simply revert the work to a version you liked. No more wasting time with “digging up” e-mails.

5) Attribute and search as a pro

Example: A salesperson has to find an approved offer for a client written by a certain company employee. He writes in “approved”, “client name” and “company employee” in the search box.

How are you looking for documents?

We usually create documents and put them in files. For example, we would open a file “offers”, additional file “month/year” and put various offers as documents.

Sometimes that’s simply not enough.

Office 365 has advanced functions of marking up documents.  That means that you can simply define a state, author, keywords, category and various attributes to a document. With that, it’s very easy to find what matters and what you’re looking for.

What next?

We find Office 365 to be a very interesting addition to any business. As such, we implement Enterprise Content Management systems hosted on SharePoint platform to our clients. They find Office 365 to be an irreplaceable tool for speeding up work on documents.

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If you’re interested for a demo presentation of Enterprise Content Management, Office 365, or for a partnership – contact us at info@evision.hr and we’ll get back to you.

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