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K2 smartforms

K2 smartforms is a faster, easier way to create forms for business applications.
No code, no loss of control.

Drag and drop reusable components into place, tie the form to a workflow, incorporate data from your various systems, roll it out and move forward — today.

K2 smartforms features:

  • K2 smartforms -

    Drag and drop reusable components into place, tie the form to a workflow, incorporate data from your various systems, roll it out and move forward — today.

  • ​Drag-and-drop design -
    Drag and drop components in your preferred browser to create reusable forms for workflows and business applications.
  • Stay in control -
    You don't need code to create forms that respond to user input and capture information correctly. With the powerful rules framework, your solutions work the way you want them to.
  • Leverage existing data -
    With our proven SmartObject framework, tie together information from multiple line-of-business systems in a single form. Out of the box, we support SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce.com and more.
  • Tie the form to workflow -

    K2 gives you the tools to connect forms with tasks, people and information - in workflows that drive efficiency, consistency and visibility.




  • Browser-based, drag-and-drop design environment
  • Built on the K2 SmartObject framework — create
    business applications that tie together information
    from multiple line-of-business systems
  • Auto-generate views and forms
  • Create list views to display information, with built-in search and filtering
  • Create item views to capture or display detailed information
  • Create and manage multiple versions of a form
  • Create forms with K2’s extensive set of controls, or create your own
  • Control form appearance using K2 themes and styles, or create your own
  • Open views and forms as subforms to capture or display related information
  • Create the desired form layout with tables and tabs
  • Use the K2 smartforms Event Framework to create condition-based rules that control form behavior

Transform And Validate Data

  • Use aggregation functions to easily summarize listbased information
  • Create expressions to transform data, selecting from more than 90 available operators
  • Validate data with conditions and patterns


  • Reuse views across many forms
  • Reuse forms across many business applications
  • Use the same form for multiple steps in the workflow


  • Extend the list of out-of-box controls by creating your own
  • Create additional themes
  • Add custom validation patterns

Integrate With Workflow

  • Create forms to start new workflows and to interact with workflow tasks
  • Make use of stages to control the forms, and reuse across multiple steps of the workflow

Additional Features

  • Integrate forms into your existing web-based business applications
  • Assemble SharePoint-based business applications with K2 smartforms
  • Move business applications between environments with K2’s Package and Deployment wizard
  • Create a form once and render it across platforms and devices
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